Role of the County Assembly in Public Finance

The role of the County Assembly in public finance management in Kenya is very important at the county government level. The County Assembly is one of the arms of the county government alongside the County … Continue Reading

The Interim County Management Board

During the period of suspension of a county government, the functions of the county executive committee should be suspended and its functions should be undertaken by an interim county management board Establishment of the Interim … Continue Reading

Procedure for Suspension of a County Government

The Constitution in Article 192 provides for the procedure for suspension of a county government in Kenya. It is the role of the President to handle the dissolution of a county government in Kenya. Part … Continue Reading

The Difference Between Treasury Bills and Bonds

This article looks at the difference between treasury bills and treasury bonds in Kenya. On behalf of The National Treasury, the Central Bank auctions and manages Government’s domestic debt. At the beginning of each fiscal … Continue Reading

Role of Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission

Article 88 of the Kenyan Constitution establishes and stipulates the role of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The Commission is responsible for conducting or supervising referenda and elections to any elective body or … Continue Reading

Powers and Functions of the President

The Kenyan Constitution stipulates the powers and functions of the president of Kenya. The president plays an important role in the leadership of the country and also as the head of the Cabinet. Kenya has … Continue Reading

The Budget Process for the National Government

The budget process for the national government in Kenya is a continuous process. It begins on 30th August of the current year. The process should end on 30th December of the coming year. The budget … Continue Reading

What is a County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP)?

The County Fiscal Strategy Paper in Kenya is the guide to the county budget process. It looks at how the past and the present setting of the budget process can inform the future. Therefore, it … Continue Reading

How to Impeach a Deputy Governor in Kenya

There are many reasons to remove or impeach a deputy governor in Kenya. The procedure to impeach a county governor in Kenya applies, with the necessary modifications, to the impeachment of a deputy governor. The … Continue Reading

The Difference Between a Public & State Officer

Who is a public officer and a state officer in Kenya? This article intends to provide an answer. The Constitution of Kenya makes several mentions of the terms public officer and state officer. These two … Continue Reading

Role of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

The functions of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) are stipulated in the Standards Act, Chapter 496 of the Laws of Kenya. KEBS was established in 1974 as the premier government agency for the provision … Continue Reading

Structure of the National Government in Kenya

The structure of the national government in Kenya consists of three arms (of government) These arms of government are the National Executive, the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary. Each of these arms of government is … Continue Reading