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Qualifications for a Member Of Parliament in Kenya

Kenyans elect a Member of Parliament every five years. Article 1 of the Constitution says that all sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya. The people may exercise their sovereign power either directly or … Continue Reading

The Effects of Extrajudicial Killings by Police

A video circulated showing a case of one among many extrajudicial killings by police in Kenya. The clip showed an alleged police officer executing a suspected criminal in Eastleigh. The incident took place in public … Continue Reading

When the Police Should Use their Firearms

Kenyan police have the primary role of maintaining law and order in the country. However, many instances show that some of the members of the Kenyan police force commit extrajudicial killings. A video circulated in the … Continue Reading

The Youth are Puppets for Politicians

The general elections see a massive turnout from Kenyan youth every five years. The youth make nearly two-thirds of the total registered voters. They take the credit for giving the most votes to any political … Continue Reading

Qualifications for Women Representatives

Women’s Representative (or Woman County Representative) in Kenya plays a very crucial role in the state and government.  As a Member of Parliament, Women’s Representative plays three crucial roles. They are legislation, representation, and oversight. … Continue Reading

Many Kenyans Are Politically Naïve and Untaught

What does it mean to be literate? It is the ability to read and write. Yet, many literate Kenyans suffer from ignorance, brainwash, and herd mentality. They do not have the ability to think in … Continue Reading

Kenyan Politics Lack Professionalism and Insight

For Kenyan politics, what you vote for is what you get. Democracy in Kenya does not produce many prudent leaders. It is garbage in, garbage out. The dominant politics in the country are ethnic and corrupt … Continue Reading

Who Cares About Street Families in Kenya?

It is early morning on the day after Christmas. The time is around 4.30 a.m. I am walking along Moi Avenue in Nairobi heading to The Bus Station (BS).  The city streets are almost empty. … Continue Reading

Why CDF Mentality About Legislators Prevails

Kenyans still suffer from CDF mentality despite the progressive changes brought by devolution. This new form of governance revolutionized leadership and governance, especially at the local level. The ‘new’ Constitution reinforces the principle of separation … Continue Reading

Tips for Bringing Children to a Protest

There are several factors to consider before bringing children to a protest. These factors ensure the children understand the whole nine yards of a protest. They also ensure the safety of the children, moreover, helping … Continue Reading

Vacancy in the Office of the President

There is a vacancy in the office of the President in Kenya if the holder of the office- dies; resigns, in writing, addressed to the Speaker of the National Assembly; or otherwise ceases to hold … Continue Reading

Vacancy in the Office of Deputy President

Article 149 of the Kenyan Constitution speaks about the vacancy in the office of the Deputy President in Kenya. The Deputy President in Kenya is elected on a single ticket with the President. He or … Continue Reading