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Why Negative Ethnicity is the Worst Enemy for Kenya

By Koigi wa Wamwere

It is time we have a frank conversation on negative ethnicity or its demons will descend from hell to kill us.

Negative ethnicity has taken most Kenyans into complete captivity. They supply ethnic chiefs and demigods with foot soldiers, rally goers, interahamwe and cyber warriors in Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Kenyans are too busy chasing after money to notice an ominous gathering storm of negative ethnicity. While doing so, the nation in slumber awaits annihilation. Only a few know that when the ethnic conflagration strikes, the wealth we have been accumulating will burn to ashes.

After the ethnically driven post-election violence of 2007/08, why do Kenyans still underrate the dangers of negative ethnicity?

Is it because they think Holocaust and Genocide cannot happen here? That God will stop negative ethnicity from killing them massively as it has elsewhere. Have we become numb to death?

They think the scorpion of negative ethnicity will not sting and therefore go to bed with it. Communities think producing a president will immunize them against ethnic and clan wars.

Many believe negative ethnicity does not kill friends, allies, disciples, propagators, foot soldiers, ethnic elites, and chiefs. Alternatively, have they not heard that the disease that returns is the one that kills?

Negative ethnicity is Kenya’s biggest enemy

At best, negative ethnicity is a killer psychological and political disease. Kenyan leaders say they are its doctors but always seek to cure it with a wrong diagnosis. Therefore, the disease never dies. Other so-called doctors deliberately apply a misdiagnosis because they love and wish to preserve the disease.

At worst, negative ethnicity is a demonic ideology that humans, turned demons from hell, propagate.

Certainly, negative ethnicity is Kenya’s worst foe. It makes communities demons and enemies of one another; some afflicted by superiority and others by inferiority complexes.

Kenyans clamor for inclusion into national life. However, the virus of negative ethnicity has already bitten national and county governments. It has turned them into ethnic enclaves and majimbo.

Negative ethnicity is the mother of ethnic hate that we prosecute without addressing the sea of negative ethnicity that we must dry to deny ethnic demons hatching grounds that also breed the worst possible dictators.

Negative ethnicity is Africans’ weapon of mass self-destruction. It has killed tens of millions in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, and Burundi. It will kill millions more unless we eradicate it.

In Africa, negative ethnicity has killed more people than atomic bombs killed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima or any nuclear bomb.

Yet negative ethnicity is hard to fight because it has not only victims. It also has beneficiaries who are in government, parliament, courts, churches and media which protect and propagate it religiously albeit secretly.

Negative ethnicity is evil but has many followers whom it promises salvation, power, and wealth. In Africa, it is hard to meet a community that is not sick from negative ethnicity, mostly as a mistaken weapon of self-defense.

Negative ethnicity has killed national unity

Within communities, those who refuse to join the bandwagon of negative ethnicity become traitors. They are to be ostracized and killed, weeds to be uprooted and cockroaches to be crushed.

Negative ethnicity has killed nationalism that unites communities. It has also replaced nationalism as the ideology of political parties, alliances, governments, religions and politics of divide and rule.

Tragically, governments of national unity that are today proposed alongside rotational presidencies as solutions of ethnic conflicts are themselves products of negative ethnicity, which they can only perpetuate once in power.

In Kenya, negative ethnicity is the greatest enemy of democracy. It has transformed democracy into a tyranny of ethnic numbers camouflaged as rule of the majority.

Ultimately, negative ethnicity resolves ethnic conflicts with its final solutions of ethnic wars, clan wars, and genocides.

Negative ethnicity is a greater enemy than corruption. Instead of stoning the corrupt as better societies do, we protect them against prosecution as “our thieves”. More so, as the poor embrace their ethnic exploiters and blame those of other communities, they condone their poverty as inevitable and God-given.

Tragically, neither CORD (now NASA) nor Jubilee can be relied upon to cure negative ethnicity. They are both its products and beneficiaries and have no moral capacity to fight it. Who then will free Kenya from the shackles of negative ethnicity?

Every individual must first cure oneself. Then every individual must take the war to one’s community before taking it to others. As humanity helps to eradicate racism and Antisemitism, it must also help to end negative ethnicity. Finally, we must share resources or ethnically fight over them.

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