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Kenya Should Forget Development Under Uhuru Kenyatta

By Koigi wa Wamwere

Most, if not all, Kenyans want to live better lives. They would want to believe that, since Uhuru and Ruto want to last in power for 20 years, they have the capacity, the will and the desire to develop Kenya and her people before all else. Yet, after being in power for five years, the situation is different.

It is hard to say now that the duo has shown the ability, commitment, and determination to put Kenya’s development forward. Their own goal is to retain and use power to maximize their own personal gains.

Kenyans may not want to live with their heads buried in the sand, waiting for development. If they bury their heads in the sand, the development may never come. They must put Uhuru to the task.

His father Kenyatta, Moi, and Kibaki left us in the desert. To reach the Promised Land, Kenyans must accept that Uhuru must demonstrate a vision. A vision to do everything possible and in his power to ensure Kenya develops. So far, he has not demonstrated that.

Kenyans with foresight do not see Uhuru demonstrating the ultimate determination to develop Kenya. They now see a President Uhuru whose chief desire is to retain and enjoy power as much as he can with his friends. This leaves the ordinary people with nothing to pick other than the crumbs that fall from his feasting table.

To facilitate this vision, a person can observe certain things from Uhuru Kenyatta’s style of governance.

UhuRuto’s political idea is to ‘eat’

Primarily, the ideology that Uhuru and Ruto stated was that “it was time for youthful leaders to eat”. It did not matter whether these youthful leaders qualified to be in government or not.

The ideology of ‘eating’ does not make younger people better than old people. Therefore, Uhuru appointed and enabled new and young faces to gain seats in his government and parliament. However, these faces are young but with old minds. They have the ability to churn out the same old ideas that their old predecessors had for Kenya.

On the same note, Uhuru has a young face but an old mind. Other than that, he seems to believe that because people elected him to head the government, it is his personal property. He thinks the government is the personal property of the president. Therefore, he thinks he is free and has the qualification to use it to aggrandize himself, his family, his cronies, and his sycophants

However, let us assume that President Uhuru sought power because he intended to develop Kenya and her people. Then, we must conclude that he lacks the fire to do the best he can to develop Kenya. This is because he is a prisoner of the forces that helped him to acquire power, and who now exercise their power through the president.

Uhuru has a past of dismal performance

We cannot yet forget Uhuru’s:

  • dismal handling of security matters,
  • total failure to fight corruption or exclude the corrupt from the government, and
  • inability to extricate himself from dictates of negative ethnicity when making policy decisions and appointing people into his government.

With such misdeeds, it is obvious the president’s advisors have and can only mislead him into destroying Kenya. Yet, he seems unable to sack them or extract better advice from them.

President Uhuru did not use his first term to lay a foundation for the country’s great future. A future through industrialization and development that is impossible in a country that is a slave to corruption and negative ethnicity. On the contrary, President Uhuru seems to be laying a foundation for ruin or total paralysis of the country.

Who would doubt Kenya’s future paralysis after looking at the list of President Uhuru’s past appointments? Look at his appointments to his cabinet, government corporations, and departments. Indeed, don’t they include scions of rich and famous political families, ethnic dynasties, political cronies, and outright sycophants?

No country can develop if the qualification and merit of people who are in charge of government corporations, ministries, departments, and institutions:

  • is their closeness to the president, and
  • whose only desire is to fleece and eat from them?

How can anybody look at the list of presidential appointments and feel inspired that the President put the country in the hands of engineers and pilots who will launch the country’s economic spaceship into the First World?

Politically, Uhuru is a meat eater

How can people who get positions in government and government corporations to mobilize ethnic communities to support the president and eat from allowances, per diems, and bribes for tenders, develop the country?

President Uhuru is the Chief Executive of this country. His primary business is to organize the government to protect and develop the country. It is not to benefit particular leaders and individuals. However, to do both, the President must rely on merit to pick those people the government will depend upon to protect and develop the country.

Unfortunately, ethnicity, friendship, loyalty, gratitude, and family have replaced merit. How then can we hope and expect to develop?

When the president announced the list of those who EACC was to investigate for corruption, I thought there was hope. The hope was that the President had finally decided to lead the war against corruption. Now I think otherwise. Fighting corruption is ending carnivore-ism in the human jungle. To fight meat-eating, however, the president must be a grass, not meat eater.

When I look at the president and his political associates, I convince myself that politically, he is a meat eater. That is unless he proves otherwise. Therefore, we cannot rely upon him to fight grand graft in Kenya.

In the final analysis, Kenyans who expect President Uhuru to develop this country are daydreaming. For development, Kenyans must look elsewhere for leadership. Too bad!

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5 thoughts on “Kenya Should Forget Development Under Uhuru Kenyatta”

  1. Indeed but who is to blame when despite of his poor governance some of us still voted for him?

  2. Ask not what the government can do for you, but what you can do for the government.

  3. If SGR lights in the villages under Uhuru in 5 years and Kibera is development under RAO in 30 years, then we don’t want RAO development.

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