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Ten Reasons Why I Will Not Vote For William Ruto Come 2022

By Koigi wa Wamwere

Though I am a Kikuyu, I will not vote to give Ruto 20 years in power. Some people say every Kikuyu man and woman will spontaneously elect Ruto as the next president come the year 2022.

But this is an open falsehood.

Though I am a Kikuyu, I will not automatically vote for William Ruto or anyone else to be Kenya’s next president when next elections come.

Ruto wants every Kikuyu to vote for him because he or she is Kikuyu. He also wants every Kalenjin to vote for him because he is Kalenjin.

However, I will not deny William Ruto a vote because he is Kalenjin and not Kikuyu like me. Nor will I vote for anybody merely because they are Kikuyu.

I will only deny Ruto a vote because he is not fit to be president of Kenya for the following ten reasons.

He is not a leader of integrity

First, the next president must be totally committed to eliminating corruption and negative ethnicity.

However, from his history, William Ruto is not a leader of integrity. We cannot rely on him to develop Kenya by eradicating corruption.

He cannot sacrifice his interest for the country

Second, from my knowledge, Ruto is not a patriot or a nationalist capable of sacrificing his personal interests to save the country from any danger or tragedy like a dictatorship.

For me, the only reason Ruto pursues leadership is wealth and power. As a youth, Ruto therefore never did anything to save Kenya from one-party dictatorship.

He never fought for democracy

Three, despite public pronouncement, Ruto never fought for democracy. He will not protect democracy as a president because, philosophically, he does not believe in democracy.

Instead, he believes in dictatorship. He fights to protect dictatorship as he did when he was in the Youth for Kanu (YK 92).

How can I who has been a victim of dictatorship vote for Ruto who believes in tyranny?

He only cares about his own good

Four, Ruto does not want my vote because he qualifies to be the president who will protect my freedom and improve my life.

He wants me to vote for him because I am a Kikuyu and he is a Kalenjin. More so, because the two communities are in a political coalition.

He needs my vote, not for the good of the two communities, but aggrandizement of their leaders and economic elites.

This to me is no reason to vote for Ruto.

He thinks every Kikuyu owes him a debt

Five, Ruto would also want me to vote for him, not because he qualifies to be president.

He would want my vote because he voted for Uhuru as president.

Therefore, to him, every Kikuyu owes him a debt of gratitude. He or she must pay or prepare to leave the Rift Valley.

He has never voted for me, literally

Six, though a Kikuyu, I do not owe Ruto a debt.

I could only have his debt if Ruto had ever voted for me or ever gave me anything. I cannot be forced to vote for Ruto.

Nor can I be forced to vote for Ruto because I live in Rift Valley which is an integral part of Kenya.

As it is, Ruto and Uhuru have never voted for me. And nor have they done anything for me.

Instead of Kikuyus owing Ruto a debt, it is Ruto who owes Kikuyus a debt.

UhuRuto have failed to transform Kenya

Seven, UhuRuto government has failed to transform Kenya economically. If they had done that in the last 5 years they have been in power, I could have an excuse to vote for Ruto.

Right now, when I look around, I see no transformation for which I can vote for Ruto.

The only transformation I see is Ruto’s personal transformation and enrichment.

Should I, therefore, vote for Ruto’s further personal transformation instead of trying someone who can transform Kenya?

He has not achieved anything significant

Eight, William Ruto wants Kenyans to give him 10 years of presidency above the ten years of the vice-presidency.

However, for this to happen, Uhuru and he need to have done so wonderfully that Kenya would have achieved half of Singapore’s development. We would then expect him to complete the development if we give him 10 years of presidency.

As it is, it would be suicidal and crazy if Kenyans were to give Ruto 20 years of power. This is almost the same time that Moi lasted in power.

He thrives on exploiting poor people

Nine, not even Ruto’s background as a hustler should persuade the so-called ‘hustler nation’ or poor people to vote for him.

Ruto is no longer a hustler or poor person. If anything, he is already a trillionaire or double trillionaire.

Like other rich people, he thrives on exploiting poor people.

His character is questionable

Ten, even Ruto’s early campaign for presidency using government projects should not persuade any Kenyan to vote for him.

He is especially disqualified for the presidency because he is blamed for rigging so many people in the last election to create a political network that will ensure he is voted for presidency come 2022.

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19 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Will Not Vote For William Ruto Come 2022”

  1. Hustler to me it’s a position I’m in. To Ruto it’s a label to please the common man. “Tuko pamoja watu wangu am a namna gani?” Politricks!

  2. I will vote for William for just one reason: To change the dynasties and to give hustlers hope that they too can become Presidents. After all, Kenya is not a family property to be inherited from fathers to sons.

      • They created dynasties except for Kibaki. So far I haven’t heard of his children wanting to follow in his footsteps

          • Am not a soothsayer. I can only hope he will be as good as Kibaki was or even better.

          • Hope is not a guarantee that he will perform. But again, you just said you just want him to disrupt the dynasties and nothing about his performance.

          • Let’s not pretend that our elections are about performance, we elect people based on tribe and money.

  3. Don’t vote for him, make your reasons hundred and sleep on them.

  4. Your vote, your choice. You don’t have to tell everyone, but I being a Kikuyu, mine belongs to Ruto

  5. It’s your own problem. Ruto, fifth President of Kenya.

  6. I see the #HandCheque has gotten you to 2022 as well…why anyone with sense plans to vote in 2022 beats me. Look at the implosion of the thieves in IEBC…

    • You mean, Koigi? Personally, I am not concerned about 2022, or the hyena handshake. But I support what he is saying. Koigi is the same person who said Kenyans have short memories like warthogs, so why not remind them early? Plus he makes a sound case on this issue…

  7. It’s time for voters to act on national issues and not tribalism!

    • Indeed they should. But achieving national unity is a mere pipe dream because of mental slavery. Politicians still have a tight grip on how Kenyans think and (re)act to politics.

      • Democracy – tribalism etc need teaching at primary level and the reason it isn’t is that politicians cash in on those failings as u no doubt know.

        • The education system that we have keeps failing us, mostly because it does not teach us how to think for ourselves. – “Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking, they want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.” -George Carlin

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