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About Githinji

About Me

I love writing content that is insightful and informative. The articles I write have a common #1 goal: Keeping it as simple as possible for users to understand the content.

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More About Me

Here is more information about me:

Who I Am

I am passionate about politics, public finance, devolved governance, public policy and cycling. I also commentate on current political and social issues in Kenya.

What I Do

I am a Budget Practitioner. I research, analyse and simplify government budgets and budget reports for non-profits and the public.

How I do It

I research and write budget reports and memoranda for non-profits which inform advocacy at the national or county governments.

Why I Do It

I believe in informing the public about the budget process in Kenya so they can make informed decisions on governance.

What Else…

I’m also a budget trainer and consultant. You can hire me to train you or your organisation about budget tracking in Kenya and also to perform research and write reports on budgets.


I also run @UgatuziKenya that informs Kenyans on devolution and public finance. You can also find my work on sites like PesaCheck.


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