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The Functions of the Council of Governors

The Council of Governors (COG) is a body established under the Intergovernmental Relations Act. This is a body consisting of the elected governors of the 47 counties.

The Council of Governors should elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson from among its members. The two shall serve for a term of one year and are eligible for re-election for one further term of a year.

The functions of the Council of Governors

The Council shall provide a forum for—

  • consultation among county governments;
  • sharing of information on the performance of the counties in the execution of their functions with the objective of learning and promotion of best practice and where necessary, initiating preventive or corrective action;
  • considering matters of common interest to county governments;
  • dispute resolution between counties within the framework provided under the Intergovernmental Relations Act;
  • facilitating capacity building for governors;
  • receiving reports and monitoring the implementation of inter-county agreements on inter-county projects;
  • consideration of matters referred to the Council by a member of the public;
  • consideration of reports from other intergovernmental forums on matters affecting national and county interests or relating to the performance of counties; and
  • performing any other function that the Intergovernmental Relations Act may confer to it or any other legislation or that it may consider necessary or appropriate.

The Council of Governors has the power to establish other intergovernmental forums including inter-city and municipality forums.

The Council may establish sectoral working groups or committees for the better carrying out of its functions. The COG, therefore, operates through committees that mirror those of the Senate and the National Assembly. The governors themselves chair these committees.

The Committee Rules and Regulations govern the operations of Committees.

Meetings of the Council

The Council shall meet at least twice a year. The meetings of the Council shall be as provided in the Schedule of the Intergovernmental Relations Act.

Reports by the Council

The Council shall submit an annual report to the Intergovernmental Co-ordinating Summit, the Senate and the National Assembly. The Council should also submit the report to the county assemblies within three months after the end of every financial year.

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