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Where to Find Cycling Lessons in Nairobi Kenya

This article targets those who are interested in cycling lessons in Nairobi and its environs. Those who can benefit from cycling lessons in Nairobi include both adults and children.

To start cycling, we all must start somewhere. You were either taught or you taught yourself how to cycle as a child or even as an adult. I learnt to cycle as an adult because I did not have a chance to learn when I was young. Such is life sometimes, isn’t it?

Therefore, the point here is that every pro-cyclist or anyone who cycles was once a beginner. Through training, they were able to enjoy what they do while on the bike. We can all agree, at least to an extent, that there is something liberating when we are on the bike!

Learning to cycle as an adult is a whole different experience.

cycling lessons in Nairobi

Therefore, whether you are a beginner or you are an adult who has not cycled for a long time and needs a ‘refresher’ course (yes, there are some who do), then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to present a list of people or bicycle shops in Nairobi that offer cycling lessons.

Some (or all) of the listed providers below also offer cycling lessons for children. Their prices are also subject to change.

1. Rakesh Young – Baiskeli Adventures

Baiskeli Adventures offers cycling lessons on a 4-hour session. The lesson takes you through balancing, steering, pedalling, starting and stopping the bike on your own. You also learn about braking (how to brake) and gearing (how to properly shift the gears on your bike).

Baiskeli Adventures provides the bike, the helmet and the guide to train you. Therefore, all you have to do is just show up! The charges are just KES 2500 per session. Only one session is enough, but the lessons can be extended as deemed necessary.

The preferred locations for training by Baiskeli Adventures are Uhuru Gardens (off Lang’ata Road), Karura Forest, Muguga Forest (off Waiyaki Way), and Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. The lessons can be scheduled based on the availability of the person who wants to learn how to cycle.

Baiskeli Adventures also does other things beyond offering cycling lessons. These include offering cycling trips and adventures.

You can reach Rakesh on +254 (0) 717 681649 or email Find more details about Baiskeli adventures by visiting their website at

2. Sally JKS – Dada Rides

DaDarides is a women-driven group that empowers women to take up cycling for transportation, fitness and source of income i.e being a mechanic.

DaDarides is a community-based organisation (CBO). It has a racing group, DaDarides cycling club.

The CBO is located at Kenya Railways Club in the Nairobi Business District (CBD). DaDarides comprises of all women riding bikes. It does not matter what age you are or how fast you can ride. You are welcome to sign up with them.

The bike riding training fee is KES 1500 for adults and KES 500 for kids and bike hire is KES 500. Training takes place every weekend. Their website is at

You can reach Sally through the following contact numbers: +254 (0) 716 433028 or +254 (0) 773 670554 or email

3. Kennedy Mwangi – Top Team Cycles

Kennedy Mwangi owns the bicycle shop known as Top Team Cycles and Fitness located in Lang’ata. He offers his cycling lessons in a field located around the same area and he hires out bikes if the person interested in learning to cycle has none.

The charges for the cycling lessons depend on the number of classes held. You can reach Ken on +254 (0) 706 994999.

4. Gideon Ritho – B4K Cycling Club

Gideon offers cycling lessons in Nairobi from Monday to Friday (11 am to 4 pm). The B4K cycling club is located in Eastlands at Caltex Umoja 1 behind Consolidated Bank. They charge for the lessons on the hour with adults being KES 300 per hour and kids KES 200 per hour.

For the training, they provide bicycles, helmets and their Bikes 4 Kenyans bike shop provides free water and ripe Bananas. You can reach Gideon on +254 (0) 721 212162.

5. Cycling Accessories and Parts

They are located in Ruiru. They train both children and adults in two (or more) sessions. They can train either in their grounds or they can come to your location. Charges are 1000 bob for training and 500 bob for bike hire for the training. Talk to them through +254 (0) 726 729737.

6. Elite Bike Shop & Services

They are located at Wood Avenue, Kilimani. They also train both kids and adults and charge KES 2000 for a 2-3 hours session with your own bike and KES 2500 if you hire their own bike. Call them on +254 (0) 724 752015.

7. ‎Bike it or Hike it

They train people of all ages, from children to adults. They have qualified trainers, both male and female. You can reach them on +254 (0) 726 729737.

They can come to your most convenient location or you could visit their training field in Ruiru. You can have your own bike or hire from them. They train in 2 sessions and you will be good to go.

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