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Kenya is Slowly Facing an Eternal Grave Because of Corruption

By Gibbs Alexx

Kenya is a great nation that is famous for its diversity. Once, it was a nation worth emulating within the African continent and around the world. Everybody knew Kenya as an impressive nation when it came to positive development.

All was well until the culture of ‘kitu kidogo’ (bribery) found its way into the once great nation. The men and women in uniform perfected it mostly. The culture grew soon from ‘kitu kidogo’ to ‘kitu kubwa’ (large-scale bribery).

The lords of fraud embraced this beast with bliss. It developed its roots firmly in the country. The Goldenberg Scandal was probably the first taste of its effectiveness.

The results were magnificent. Those who still lived in denial revived quickly and perfected the art of kitu kidogo.

Once an African powerhouse, Kenya is on the verge of collapse thanks to the high prevalence of corruption and economic crimes. Corruption threatens to ride our beloved country to an early economic grave!

Kenya is a nation that has become a bandit economy. Corruption has pervaded all levels of our society. Kenya is a haven for economic crimes such as embezzlement, bribery, and procurement fraud. This proves beyond doubts that most Kenyans are now becoming experts in stealing, whining, and perpetuating tribalism.

Being wealthy from corruption is a way to evade justice

We had the former Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Director Patrick Lumumba come into the office. This brought the hope of bringing into book corrupt culprits and ending the menace finally. The spirit of the citizens went up. Unfortunately, this did not see the light of the day.

The former head of judiciary Justice Willy Mutunga also tried his best to wipe out the peril. He met a lot of resistance and he is the one who termed the country as a bandit economy. Despite the judiciary being an independent body, the mighty in government and the putrid forces within the judiciary itself constrained his efforts.

The fight against corruption in Kenya takes a new spin. If you have money, you have your way. Over the years, those who are mighty and influential and charged with associating with corruption, play cat and mouse games with the courts.

On the other side, petty offenders are jamming our prisons in large numbers. The rich and mighty are just walking free and continue to fart on our struggling economy.

We cannot forget the growing public anger on the wanton theft of public resources following revelations over the loss of KSh791 million at the National Youth Service.

The dust had not even settled on how the government spent the billions it raised from the Eurobond. Another KSh5billion Mega scandal at the ministry of health was already taking shape!

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They robbed us when we were healthy and followed us to our hospital beds to make sure we suffered forever. What a shame!

The government has lost the war against corruption

Past remarks by President Uhuru Kenyatta suggested that he has lost hope in the war against corruption. They depict clearly the desperate state of the government in fighting corruption.

In his statement, Uhuru said that he was frustrated. Instead of taking responsibility, he placed the blame on others, including Auditor General Edward Ouko.

There is no booming government anywhere in the world that has the corrupt governing it and has lived to thrive. Many instances of corruption lead to results that that socially and economically violate human rights.

However, who is to take the blame?

The power to stop corruption is with the people.

In this case, the first blame goes to the decision makers. They have the role of safeguarding the interests of the citizens. It does not matter whether they were elected or nominated into the positions. They made an obligation to the people.

These decision makers influence the needs of people. Unexpectedly, they have received bribes and compromised their integrity in the process.

It is high time Kenyans take full responsibility for their country and destiny. War against corruption should neither be politicized nor take an ethnic dimension. Instead, we should expose those who partake in corruption and make them carry their own crosses.

Ways we can fight corruption

We can adopt some factors if we are to suppress corruption.

  • Compliance certification – implement the laws of leadership and integrity immediately with laws, guidelines, and penalties laid out properly.
  • Progressive monitoring and evaluation of government MDAs by anti-fraud agencies by observing spending through internal audits.
  • Early response to potential corruption dealings.
  • Vetting of high officials before taking an oath and after.
  • Introduce a culture of integrity. Let every citizen feel responsible and set a clear agenda for the future of the country that every citizen will commit to.
  • Make the already existing bodies do their constitutional duties.

Lee Kuan Yew said, “I cannot be corrupt and if ever am corrupt it’s your job to get rid of me!”

The president should take a bold political step on his side and fire all those big cartels in government who are corrupt.

The spaces in prisons require the ‘big fish’ of corruption too. Otherwise, his legacy will be about how he cowered out from corruption and its cartels.

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