The Classification of Land in Kenya

Chapter 5 of the Constitution deals with the classification of land in Kenya. Article 60 of the Kenyan Constitution deals with the principles of land policy. Land in Kenya should be held, used and managed … Continue Reading

Causes of Student Strikes in Secondary Schools

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The Role of the Civil Society in Kenya

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Colonial Practices and Land Injustices in Kenya

Before we look at the land injustices in Kenya, let us talk about land facts in the country. Kenya has a land size of about 581,751 square kilometres (44.6 million hectares). Land makes up 97.8 … Continue Reading

The Law and Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya (also known as female circumcision) is a rare practice in some parts of Kenya. This article looks at what some of the laws in Kenya say about FGM. CHAPTER FOUR- … Continue Reading

The Effects of Extrajudicial Killings by Police

A video circulated showing a case of one among many extrajudicial killings by police in Kenya. The clip showed an alleged police officer executing a suspected criminal in Eastleigh. The incident took place in public … Continue Reading

When the Police Should Use their Firearms

Kenyan police have the primary role of maintaining law and order in the country. However, many instances show that some of the members of the Kenyan police force commit extrajudicial killings. A video circulated in the … Continue Reading

Tips for Bringing Children to a Protest

There are several factors to consider before bringing children to a protest. These factors ensure the children understand the whole nine yards of a protest. They also ensure the safety of the children, moreover, helping … Continue Reading