Why CDF Mentality About Legislators Prevails

Kenyans still suffer from CDF mentality despite the progressive changes brought by devolution. This new form of governance revolutionized leadership and governance, especially at the local level. The ‘new’ Constitution reinforces the principle of separation … Continue Reading

How to Improve Public Participation in the Counties

Public participation in Kenyan counties remains a great challenge. It is also a challenge for the national government. Public participation in Kenyan counties is one of the national values and principles of governance. Article 10 of … Continue Reading

What is IEBC’s Threshold of Integrity in Politics?

What is the IEBC threshold for integrity for those seeking elective positions? IEBC is the electoral body that vets potential candidates and their suitability for election. However, we have many elected representatives who lack integrity. … Continue Reading

How Politicians in Kenya Manipulate Kenyans

Yours truly is not a patriot and does not value patriotism or sing patriotic songs. Colonial home guards, neo-colonialists and their offspring hijacked our country. Our patriotism has become a private resource for the highest … Continue Reading

Kenyan Lawmakers Need Suitable Qualifications

Kenyan lawmakers require sufficient and suitable qualifications. This should happen for current and future elections. Before the 2013 general election, the 10th parliament made some selfish amendments to the election laws. They lowered the academic … Continue Reading

Scandals Making William Ruto Unfit for President

William Ruto always tells his story about how he came from rags to riches. He describes himself as a self-made businessperson. He gained popularity by playing the card of his humble and religious background. His … Continue Reading

Why Kenya’s Economy Trails Some Asian Countries

One day, an MP from Kenya visited his South Korean counterpart. They attended the same college. He saw a modest house with a few servants and cars. He asked his Korean friend where he got his wealth. … Continue Reading

Kenyans Don’t Care About Their Breach of Privacy

The following actual incident shows how Kenyans ignore their own breach of privacy. A lady goes to a telecommunications company’s shop for a service. She fills out a registration sheet with her details. Later, a male … Continue Reading

Kenyan MPs Should Abolish CDF

The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) model came to exist in 2003 immediately after President Mwai Kibaki’s NARC government assumed power. The CDF Act of 2003 set up the CDF kitty. Its primary objective was to … Continue Reading