Why Kenyan Organisations Should Pay Their Interns

A past survey by the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) claimed that more than 50% of graduates in the (East Africa) region lacked employability skills. The graduates also lacked other skills such as technical mastery … Continue Reading

Ways to Promote Equity for Women

Everyone has a critical role to play to promote equity for women in Kenya. We should create supportive environments for women in our communities. This will help the women to thrive and we can achieve … Continue Reading

We Should Overhaul the Police Service in Kenya

The Kenyan media reports cases of (alleged) members of the police service in Kenya shooting suspected criminals regularly. One of the usual narratives is that the suspect had a gun and the police had to … Continue Reading

Adults Should Teach Children to Fight Corruption

The most basic element that constitutes the nation is the family. A nation is a large group of people that share common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country, state, or territory. The … Continue Reading

The Police Service in Kenya Wants Motivation

The National Police Service in Kenya threatens occasionally to take part in go-slows to pressure the government to increase their salaries. Some of these go-slows bear fruits while others do not materialize. They complain often … Continue Reading

Activism has Become Unpopular in Kenya

When people talk about activism in Kenya, it mostly sounds as if it is a bad thing. The reason is that activism (especially political activism) has acquired a negative image. The actual meaning and intention … Continue Reading

Budget Forums in Kenya More than Food & Per Diem

People receive a budget in budget forums. A government budget is a document presenting the government’s proposed revenues, spending and priorities for a particular financial year. The legislature passes the budget and the chief executive … Continue Reading

Kenyans’ Carefree Attitude Erode’s Development

Someone asked on Facebook whether some projects the national government unveiled were under the national government or the county government. One person commented saying. “Who cares? Service delivery is what people need, not where it … Continue Reading

The Youth are Puppets for Politicians

The general elections see a massive turnout from Kenyan youth every five years. The youth make nearly two-thirds of the total registered voters. They take the credit for giving the most votes to any political … Continue Reading

Many Kenyans Are Politically Naïve and Untaught

What does it mean to be literate? It is the ability to read and write. Yet, many literate Kenyans suffer from ignorance, brainwash, and herd mentality. They do not have the ability to think in … Continue Reading

Kenyan Politics Lack Professionalism and Insight

For Kenyan politics, what you vote for is what you get. Democracy in Kenya does not produce many prudent leaders. It is garbage in, garbage out. The dominant politics in the country are ethnic and corrupt … Continue Reading

Who Cares About Street Families in Kenya?

It is early morning on the day after Christmas. The time is around 4.30 a.m. I am walking along Moi Avenue in Nairobi heading to The Bus Station (BS).  The city streets are almost empty. … Continue Reading