Assumption of the Office of Governor Act 2019

The Assumption of the Office of Governor Act 2019 provides the procedure and ceremony for the assumption of the office of the Governor by a Governor-elect. With necessary modifications, it will also apply to the … Continue Reading

Governors Should Provide Information on Projects

You hear people complain many times that their county governors have done nothing. The public will blame the governors for the failure of their county governments to deliver services. Come election time, the public has become … Continue Reading

Sex Education is Important for Children

Sex education in Kenya is an emotive issue in the Kenyan society. Sex education is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality. It includes emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy and sexual activity. Sex … Continue Reading

Criminalising Abortion is Being Anti-Women

The debate around abortion in Kenya is usually emotive and sensitive. It is also divisive among many people. There is an incessant conflict between anti-abortion and pro-choice movements. Abortion in Kenya is illegal and many … Continue Reading

Can Governors Dismiss County Executive Members?

The Constitution of Kenya in Article 179 vests the executive authority of the county in the County Executive Committee. The county executive committee also exercises the executive authority at the county level. The county executive committee … Continue Reading

The History Of Devolution in Kenya

Kenya has made strides from centralisation to devolution. This article explores the history of devolution in Kenya. The journey from centralisation to decentralisation in Kenya. Past Dynamics (Devolution) The history of devolution in Kenya begins … Continue Reading

Church Leaders and Politicians are Similar in Kenya

The church in Kenya and the political establishment are related. They are inseparable and have a symbiotic relationship. The church in Kenya claims to be distinct from politics but it has long been, not a … Continue Reading

Why the Plight of Gay People in Kenya Matters

A BBC podcast entitled Modern Love says that Kenya has 150,000 Grindr users (and growing). Grindr is a social network application where gay and bisexual people interact and hook up. Kenya is among the countries in Africa … Continue Reading

Why Two Political Parties in Kenya Will Not Work

In an article entitled why we should have two strong parties, former Isiolo Deputy Governor Mohamed Guleid enumerates various points on why Kenya needs a dual political party system. He argues that a dual political … Continue Reading

Kenyans Haven’t Learnt Anything from Their History

Kenya has a lot that is part of our history since we achieved independence. The good things have taken us forward while the retrogressive ones have stalled our progress. We have always made a mark … Continue Reading

Kenyans Should Address These Three Challenges

Kenya is a nation whose people have common and diverse cultures, races, languages, lifestyle habits and other traits. They share a sense of belonging to the sovereign state of Kenya. The concept of peace, love, … Continue Reading

Politicians Promote & Lie about Tribalism in Kenya

Most people blame tribalism in Kenya for the country’s failure to progress. Other factors include corruption and bad leadership. Tribalism in Kenya arises when one or more ethnic communities exalt themselves above other communities. This … Continue Reading