The Stages in the Budget Process in Kenya

The budget process in Kenya is an important part of government planning and decision-making. In itself, the budget-making process in Kenya is a comprehensive process. It begins in August of the current financial year to … Continue Reading

Process of Sharing National Revenue in Kenya

Article 202 of the Constitution of Kenya provides for the vertical process of sharing national revenue in Kenya. Vertical sharing refers to the process of sharing revenue raised nationally (equitable share) between the national and … Continue Reading

Role of the County Assembly in Public Finance

The role of the County Assembly in public finance management in Kenya is very important at the county government level. The County Assembly is one of the arms of the county government alongside the County … Continue Reading

The Difference Between Treasury Bills and Bonds

This article looks at the difference between treasury bills and treasury bonds in Kenya. On behalf of The National Treasury, the Central Bank auctions and manages Government’s domestic debt. At the beginning of each fiscal … Continue Reading

The Budget Process for the National Government

The budget process for the national government in Kenya is a continuous process. It begins on 30th August of the current year. The process should end on 30th December of the coming year. The budget … Continue Reading

What is a County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP)?

The County Fiscal Strategy Paper in Kenya is the guide to the county budget process. It looks at how the past and the present setting of the budget process can inform the future. Therefore, it … Continue Reading

Functions of County Budget & Economic Forum

The major function of the County Budget and Economic Forum (CBEF) is to facilitate public participation in the budget process at the county level. Each of the 47 counties should have an operational CBEF. The … Continue Reading

Division and Allocation of Revenue in Kenya

How do you distinguish between the division of revenue and allocation of revenue in Kenya? The division of revenue and allocation of revenue are terms you will find in public finance management in Kenya. For … Continue Reading

Role of Parliament in the Budget Process

The role of the Kenyan Parliament in public finance management in Kenya is very important. Parliament plays this role through two committees of the National Assembly and the Senate Respectively. These Committees are the National … Continue Reading

The Types of Public Funds in Kenya

There are several funds established by the Constitution of Kenya. In this article, we explore these different funds and the purpose they serve. They also form the key types of public funds in Kenya. According … Continue Reading

The Purpose of the County Emergency Fund

Section 110 of the Public Finance Management Act establishes the County Emergency Fund in Kenya. A County Executive Committee may, with the approval of the County Assembly, establish an emergency fund for the county government … Continue Reading

Role of Contingencies Fund in Kenya

Article 208 of the Kenyan Constitution establishes the Contingencies Fund. The purpose of the Contingencies fund is the urgent and unforeseen need for expenditure for which there is no other legislative authority. Further, the Public … Continue Reading