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About Us

AfroCave is the knowledge base for Kenya, a website designed with Kenyans in mind. It is a place for individuals and explorers who have interest in Kenya. AfroCave presents the most fascinating knowledge about Kenya.

The website covers topics in areas of politics, society and cycling in Kenya. AfroCave combines the best content, technology, and distribution capabilities to connect with thousands of engaging Kenyans who rely on us for knowledge of the world around them.

We publish intriguing information on a variety of subjects ranging from Kenyan politics, public finance (budgets), the Constitution and other legal mechanisms, and the role of various government individuals and bodies and their functions.

We also publish opinion pieces on a variety of issues such as corruption, LGBTQ, sex education, and critic and critique various issues such as religion and politics in general. On top of that, we provide cycling tips, especially for beginners in Kenya.

We welcome you to join our tribe of enthusiastic and friendly folks. People just like you who are crazy about learning something new and, more importantly, valuable knowledge you can share with your friends.

AfroCave aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the amazing topics and facts about Kenya. Right from the onset, AfroCave has focused on developing the highest quality pool of information with our audience in mind. Our major driving force is to be open, informative, insightful and impartial.

AfroCave hopes to develop a community of friends and followers on social media and offline that benefits a lot from the information shared in this site. To become involved with our amazing community of readers, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

About The Author

I am George Githinji, the founder and writer at AfroCave. I am enthusiastic about devolved governance and public finance in Kenya as well as cycling. I am passionate about civic education which forms the core of all the content in this blog.

I began AfroCave as a blog for expressing my opinions, but it has since then grown to become a collection of informative articles on different topics.

Apart from being a blogger, I am also a Budget Practitioner which largely involves analysing government budgets (like the national and county governments). I have previously been a consultant for NGOs and on budget analysis and tracking to assist with their advocacy work. I also train individuals and organisations to do the analysis and budget tracking and you can hire me for the same purpose.

I use the knowledge I have as a Budget Practitioner in this blog to break down statistics into compelling articles that are both informative and enjoyable to read. This also involves matters on devolution and governance. I believe in informing the public about the budget process in Kenya and the devolved governance so they can make informed decisions on politics and governance.

Apart from AfroCave, I also run @UgatuziKenya platform that informs Kenyans on devolution and public finance. You can also find my work on websites like PesaCheck.